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老外论坛的,必须发帖后申请。 注册超过3天。超过10个帖子 。活跃的会员。


What are the pre requisites for registering a VPS?
You must have 10 legitimate posts or more to get a VPS Server.
You must be a registered member of VPS For Free for a minimum of three days (3 days)
In addition, we will only process your application once we feel that you are participating in the community actively and not a potential lecher.

What are the requirements for me to keep my VPS?
To keep the VPS you must:
Make at least 15 informative/helpful/useful posts per month.
All accounts will be subjected to review at the end of each month.

How long will I able to keep my VPS?
As long as you DO NOT infringe any of the TOS or Rules and regulations of VPSForFree.com, maintain
The requirements mentioned above and DO NOT gives us a valid reason to do so.

Can I request for an upgrade?
Not at the moment.


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