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The name servers for have been updated and has been added to your CloudFlare account. CloudFlare is now accelerating and protecting your website. We are also gathering cool stats on your site, so check the reports & stats section at For Free accounts, it takes up to 24 hours for the stats to populate. For Pro accounts, it takes 15 minutes.

We recommend checking the following resources to get the most out of CloudFlare:
- Top Tips After Joining CloudFlare:
- Check your reports and stats after 24 hours at:
- You can also check and change the settings for your site here:

*Pro Tip: install mod_cloudflare or equivalent to restore original visitor IP to your server logs. Details about mod_cloudflare:

For your records:
Your name servers before CloudFlare

Your name servers on CloudFlare

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房路由陷入死循环,导致不能访问,。直接12小时....杯具。。 解析换到。


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kimsufi的价格很便宜的。。法国官网100M宽带不限制流量 其他UK.IE 等国家的限制流量Atom系列超过5T流量后限制端口为10M 。另外每个账户送100G FTP备份空间

** : The traffic is unlimited. If you exceed 5TB/month for the Kimsufi 2G, 10TB/month for the Kimsufi 16G or 15TB/month for the 24G Kimsufi the connection will be limited to 10 Mbps. You can buy additional TB of traffic directly from your manager: €0.99 per TB
**: €1.00 p/m per IP
***: managed by you 

法国kimsufi :

Network Connection:   100Mbps Bandwidth type:   Standard 

BW OVH/OVH:   100 Mbps   BW OVH/Internet:   100 Mbps

BW Internet/OVH:   100 Mbps  Traffic:   unlimited 

Atom 1.20+ GHz 2G内存 1T硬盘 100M不限流量 =14.99欧元+VAT19.6%=17.93欧元/月

I5 4x 2.66+ GHz 16G内存  2T硬盘 100M不限流量 =39.99欧元+VAT19.6%=47.83欧元/月

I7 4x 2(HT)x 2.66+GHz 24G内存 2T硬盘 100M不限流量=49.99欧元+VAT19.6%=59.79欧元/月

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