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DreamObjects is a cost-effective, public cloud storage service. You can access it through our Panel, programmatically via API, or a third-party app. It’s compatible with the APIs of Amazon S3 and Swift-based object storage services like Rackspace Cloud Files. DreamObjects is perfect for developers who need a scalable storage solution for their web apps and software projects. Tech-savvy individuals can also use DreamObjects to back up files, and inexpensively store terabytes of photos, music, and videos.


Storage plans lower your effective price per GB for storage below the 7¢/GB rate. If you exceed your plan’s included storage, then it’s just 7¢/GB for additional storage.

There are several storage plans available to best match your needs. After selecting a plan, you’ll prepay the plan price each month. If you change your mind, you can upgrade the plan at anytime, or downgrade the plan effective your next billing cycle.


The DreamObjects free trial is limited to two months and commences on your sign-up date. You may cancel the trial at any time before it concludes, at which point your data will be deleted within 48 hours.

During the free trial, you won’t incur any charges provided that you stay within the monthly allowances of 10GB of storage and 20GB of transfer out bandwidth. If you go over the free trial allowances, you will only be billed for the overage at the Usage-Based Billing rates of 7¢/GB per month for storage and 7¢/GB per month for transfer out bandwidth.

If you choose to continue using DreamObjects after the trial ends, then no action is required and you’ll be automatically billed for all usage at the Usage-Based Billing rates. If you wish to sign up for a pre-paid monthly storage plan, you may do so at any time.

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Hello, Due to issues with the RAID controller, we are replacing the hardware for your server, 'pagopago', and we are restoring all data from our backup server to the new hardware. During this process, the data on the backup server will be mounted directly over NFS to allow your hosting services to remain online for the duration of the process. However, if your site isn't functioning as expected, please let us know, so we can look into it! There will likely be intermittent high load fluctuations on the server due to this restoration, which is caused by the large amount of data being sent to the server. Our admin team will be closely monitoring the server to see what they can do to improve performance on this server while the restore completes. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this unplanned maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support under Support -- Contact Support, in your Web Panel. This notice will also appear on that page in your Web Panel and will be updated throughout the process with the latest details we can provide. Thank you for your patience! The Happy DreamHost Server Fixing Team

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