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The name servers for have been updated and has been added to your CloudFlare account. CloudFlare is now accelerating and protecting your website. We are also gathering cool stats on your site, so check the reports & stats section at For Free accounts, it takes up to 24 hours for the stats to populate. For Pro accounts, it takes 15 minutes.

We recommend checking the following resources to get the most out of CloudFlare:
- Top Tips After Joining CloudFlare:
- Check your reports and stats after 24 hours at:
- You can also check and change the settings for your site here:

*Pro Tip: install mod_cloudflare or equivalent to restore original visitor IP to your server logs. Details about mod_cloudflare:

For your records:
Your name servers before CloudFlare

Your name servers on CloudFlare

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*****.in  解析已经OK ... resell.biz处注册,不到14RMB

另外的.tf/.wf 还未生效...等待中。。。 未生效..没注册过。 不知道什么的Nameserver可以通过

之前搜的 可惜了。没注册,第二天再查询就没了....


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TTL 100秒  .............2.jpg


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接上篇,VPS上两个IP 做了 两个NS服务器,但是都是在一个机器上面,如果这个服务器当机,那么域名解析就危险了,不要把鸡蛋放在一个篮子里,继续找另外一个服务器进行记录同步。。打造不同节点的NS

添加  放置地点:国内电信机房..

利用directadmin里面的多服务设置Multi Server Setup功能。可以同步我们的域名解析记录。。

SSL Connection: The specified server requires SSL in order to connect (eg, https)
Zone Transfer: DA will transfer the dns info on the specified server when new domains are added and dns settings are changed.
Domain Check: DA will first check the specified server before creating a domain to ensure the domain does not exist.


进去后Multi Server is currently turned ON (打开服务)

Add Remote Server

输入另外的 directadmin的 IP地址 端口 用户名 密码。。然后ADD

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