Solusvm Version 1.9.00 is now available

Solusvm Version 1.9.00 is now available




Released: 09 January 2012



  • Fixed Xen PV/HVM suspend function. Virtual server will be forced to shutdown if still online after 4 minutes
  • Fixed admin API KVM shutdown function
  • Fixed displaying of wrong media group type in resellers settings
  • Fixed issue where IPv6 addresses were not being piped to the hook
  • Fixed/Added function to remove orphaned forward chains from iptables
  • Fixed timeouts for slave rrd graph data collection
  • Fixed/Re-added traffic shaping functionality. This feature can now be enabled on a per node basis. Nodes >> Select Node >> Traffic Shaping
  • Bandwidth log is now recycled when size limit is reached
  • Client login notification emails are now sent as a background process